Looking ahead to 2017

My 2017 should be better than 2016. I feel like it’s a trendy thing to hate on 2016 (for arguably good reasons), but for me personally, it was just a *meh* year. Nothing too exciting or terrible happened. But for the first time in a long time, I’m actually really excited for the new year. I hope that by the time December rolls around (probably too quickly), I’ll be able to look back and be satisfied with what 2017 brought.

But first. An ode to 2016. Here are somethings I’ll remember from last year:

  • I turned 21 (and didn’t sacrifice my health in the process). Ah. The last exciting birthday. Now every birthday will just be a reminder that i’m getting older. At least I can legally drink now.
  • I voted in my first presidential election. And i hated every single minute of it. I am thankful that I have the right to vote, obviously. But, holy crap, I think we can all agree that this was a bad year politically. Phew.
  • I worked at Falls Creek for the second summer in a row. And I loved it just as much as the first summer, although I will admit, there were rough patches.
  • I met new friends and stayed connected with old ones. 
  • I started my junior year of college. Totally terrifying. Not sure how i feel about this one. Except I finally had a semester where i got all A’s (heck yes).
  • I read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them. So many new HP information. So many mixed feelings.
  • I read a lot of books in general. So many books I’ve read this year has become a part of my list of all time favorite books. I also started getting into Stephen King books, which is arguably one of the best things i did for myself this year.
  • I got more comfortable driving on the highway. I get serious anxiety driving in traffic, especially if that traffic is on the highway, in big cities… I don’t think I will ever not be a nervous driver, but I’m a heck of a lot better than I was in high school, and that’s got to count for something.

Now onto things I hope will happen this year… 2017 New Years Resolutions.

For me, I like to make lots of little resolutions instead of one big one. That way I can try lots of new or different things, and hopefully, I’ll be successful at at least one of them.

  1. Pray more. My relationship with God has been…not the best recently. I hope to remedy that this year. One day at a time.
  2. Apologize less. This will be a big one for me. I don’t mean that I’m not going to apologize if I legitimately hurt someone (hopefully unintentionally). But I have this bad habit of apologizing. Like…all the time. For things I don’t need to apologize for. Like my personality traits, or things that are out of my control. I have a tendency to care too much about what people think. This year i’m really going to try to be confident enough in myself that I don’t feel the need to shout out “I’m sorry” every 5 minutes.
  3. Drink more water. This is also a big one for me. Not because I drink too much soda. I actually hardly ever drink soda. I legitimately just don’t drink enough of anything throughout the day. I have a habit of drinking a bit of water or juice or coffee in the morning, then before i know it the day is almost over and I can’t remember the last time I’ve sipped on any water…except in the morning. I’m hoping that I can at least get into the habit of carrying around a bottle of water so I can stay somewhat hydrated throughout the day.
  4. Start wearing lipstick. This isn’t a serious resolution. But still something I want to do. If there were such a thing as a fear of lipstick, I would probably have it. Finding a color that I can actually pull off just gives me anxiety, and actually trying to make it look good on me and not like I’m a 5 year old who raided her mothers makeup drawer is another issue altogether. But this year I’m really going to try. And hopefully I’ll look a little more sophisticated at parties, weddings, etc…

And finally, things about this year that I’m just really looking forward to.

  • Working at Falls Creek for my third summer in a row. Life changes quickly, but if everything goes as planned, I should be working at Falls Creek again for its 100th year anniversary. And I’m so excited.
  • Leading an Elevate weekend at my old church. Basically I was invited to be a leader of a 2 day long event that is put on for the youth groups at my home church. I will just be leading a small group with my friend, but I’m excited to challenge myself as being a leader of a group as opposed to just a follower. Yay!
  • I’m going to a Twenty One Pilots concert. Holy crap, I cannot wait for this. I have only been listening to this band for less than 2 years, but they have quickly become my favorite band of all time, and their album Vessel just gives me life. Not to mention Josh and Tyler are just really attractive and adorable. SO EXCITED FOR THIS.
  • I FINALLY GET TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY AGAIN. The U.S. is cool and all, but like, I have a serious travel bug. Ever since going to Paris and London in March of 2014, I’ve wanted to go back (and I will make that happen), but mostly I’ve just wanted to go anywhere. I’m ecstatic to say that I’m going on study abroad trip to Costa Rica in March! Literally can’t wait.

2017, please don’t let me down. *fingers crossed*






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